4 thoughts on “Daily verse with purpose: Elizabeth B. Browning

  1. a wonderful pair ‘imperial’ and ‘plain’ that seem to be inherently contradictory (at least for me, implerial implies in part pomp and circumstance), yet the two can co-exist and compliment one another while remain true.


  2. Quoting, “Humans like a hero thatโ€™s on a journey, capable of mastering endless obstacles in order to fulfill his duty and purpose. So give your audience a hero, a story with purpose that delivers message, leaving them motivated and inspired”
    I thought to myself, ‘piece of cake’ I am the hero on a journey overcoming all the obstacles from the villian within me by the power of love from on high!’ Even so, that’s from the human stand point.
    Spiritually & Eternal? My Father/Creator is my HERO! So, I am so joyful as I travel on the bright road to Kingdom Land and I am living so my life so Father will shine!
    And on the booth, you and a couple hundred others are coming into my joyful journey! What a life! Let us all sing in harmony by the power of love from on high.
    Thanks for your visit. ๐Ÿ™‚


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