About the author

maja_new17Maja is an educator and writer from Belgrade, currently living in the sunny Hague.

She holds a Phd in Organizational sciences, MSc and BSc in geophysics from Belgrade University. From her early professional life she has engaged in innovative thinking and applied it to different problem solving situations. That resulted in cooperation with MADU medical center where she worked on examination of physical properties of magnets, used as a healing tool and is one of the contributors to the patent development – MADU strip (www.madumagnet.com).

During her masters degree, Maja developed empirical model that differentiates natural from anthropocentric induced climate changes within the Belgrade area, Serbia.

For her PhD thesis Maja further developed model for adequate management of innovations, technologies and natural resources. Through her academic career, she also worked as a professor where she had the opportunity to explore and develop variety of arts-based learning tools for improving design thinking and organizational management, like Greenesignit! IOS application.

After many years, she switched her scientific pen for more creative expressions. With 3  books and 2 dissertations published, now she helps people find their writing voice and experience creativity through their own words.

She is very well  known for helping her students in projects like:

  • academic and assay writing
  • book proposal and development
  • course development
  • technical writing
  • expressive and reflective writing through poetry.

When she is not writing or busy with rhyme, she munches on the bowl of fruit and loves to do some yoga.

Business in Rhyme is her creative corner where she blogs and teaches about beautiful uses of poetry and poetic techniques for improving writing, personal growth and creativity.

To connect or simply say hi, you can find her also on her Linkedin profile.


291 thoughts on “About the author

      1. OK that’s good enough. Now? Not missing u anymore. Overcoming Dysfunction Supernaturally shall be on the market soon by the power of love from high. If you want me to, I could send u a preview for your review. Let me know. 🙂

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  1. Hi Maja! I recently became the Marketing Leader for Endever Publishing Studios. We are hosting an official launch of our site coming up March 1st. We are going to be making an ongoing habit of featuring fellow WordPress bloggers on Saturdays. I was wondering it you would be interested in such a feature. If so, I would love to hear from you. I can be reached at endevermarketing@gmail.com. Thanks!

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  2. Hi, awhile ago you liked a poetry piece I published on the blog watchandwhirl.com. I was meandering through things and saw it. some things slip through the cracks. I write poetry and publish it here on either one of my blogs. I write because of a strong emotion I’m feeling. I saw you have a guest post category. I also record piano improvisations playing through my fingers a strong emotion I’m feeling, so I guess you could say it is the manifestation of that feeling, because I don’t pay attention while I play. My fingers know where the keys on the keyboard are. Much of my music the past few years has been for a man in prison (my main blog – mynameisjamie.net) because of the pain of isolation. I’m going through the rewrite of the first draft of a book for him, as I see you are a writer. I’m working with a developemental editor as I put the pieces of focus and storyline in a better perspective. When I clicked on you today, knowing nothing happens by accident, I thought I’d reach out and say, “Hi! My name is Sonni.”

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  3. I just found you on wordpress and all I can say is “whoa!” I see the surface of learning I am to scratch is immense, and I see not the marks of my soft fingernails…

    The pleasure is mine, Maja. I’ll be reading you.

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