Poetic inspiration: writing is breathing

How do you make writing a habit? By making room, time and prioritizing your writing, until it becomes habitual, just as breathing is – when you don’t have to think about you need to write – you just do it.


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23 thoughts on “Poetic inspiration: writing is breathing

  1. This is so true Maja. For years I dabbled writing a little bit here and there. It is only in the last 18 months, where I have made it a daily habit, that I have noticed a change in my poetry, in terms of creativity and quality. A nice post and reminder.

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  2. Funny how sometimes habits can be either in-your-face or way-out-there-somewhere. It’s in my blood, so that makes writing an eternal habit. And I plan to take advantage of my spare time to get lost in it once again.

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  3. Writing on a daily basis also helps in resolving inner deep seated conflicts without much effort. It’s not just about creativity but helps us sort other aspects of life too
    I totally agree with you Maja
    Good read!!

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  4. This post is a wonderful reminder of what we should be doing! Getting there and staying there isn’t always easy. Loved your suggestions – make time and a priority. Like DavyD above, I too have spent years being at the whim of “inspiration” just showing up. It is so frustrating when you realize, wow, it’s been six months since I wrote anything. Not fun to stare at a blank screen or piece of paper! I have found The Daily Post’s – Daily Prompt and Discover very helpful as a focal point for thought. DavyD’s questions on his blog “Inside The Mind of DavyD” have also helped get me to start making writing a daily habit (especially, “Does A Title Matter?”.

    Time management experts say that if you do something 21 days in a row it will become a habit. I’m trying!!! I find writing early, before six a.m. and in the dark helps me.

    Great Post!!!


  5. I totally agree. Just like going to the gym – writing should be done as a habit. My blog details more on how to keep in peak performance at work and this would be high up on the list in ‘how you can invest in your mental health’ . We read so much every day our minds are constantly active. Yet, writing is a key skill as well as a proven therapy of wellbeing.

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