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Inspired and encouraged, find your only true path – connect with your inner wisdom through writing.

Business in rhyme is the ultimate inspiration resource for every aspiring author and lover of poetry. Here you will find many interesting tools to improve your writing, but also unique approach to personal development and creativity – through use of poetry and poetry techniques.  In some form or another we are all born poets – as we all use, make and create language. Spending time reading and writing poetry is like training, having an exercise of your brain mussels where you sharpen your senses and you learn to pay closer attention; you slow down fast-paced thoughts and you are reshaping your mind for finding greater meanings as your ability for deep listening grows. You become more aware of weaknesses and virtues of human kind and with that understating, your relationship with the world changes. No matter which poetry you prefer: spiritual words by Rumi, mythological expression of W. B. Yeats or modern linguistic experimentation of E. E. Cummings, words can pave a path to your own wisdom; help you find that missing puzzle inside that you need to feel whole again and hear your wakeup call for inspired action in the world.

Writing, especially poetry where you use power of artistic expression can be in times encouraging, but also cathartic. This is a space where you will not only learn to improve your writing skills but also in what aspects of life we can use poetry to foster creativity, meditation, leadership, strategic thinking, expressive writing, healing, career guidance – you name it. We explore in depth scientific studies that support using poetry for enhancing our lives, but we also share personal inspiring stories and author interviews on how poetry is both our teacher and healer.

Bringing knowledge, awareness and creativity into the world has always been my passion – being that through my academic studies or work with students and developing innovative learning programs. While experiencing a personal crisis, about couple of years ago, poetry silently again entered my life and many things changed for better – even my health since poetry has a healing properties for me. After finishing my PhD in Organizational Sciences and years of academic work, I switched my scientific pen for more creative expressions: sharing my positive experience about poetry in this blog and exploring further how it can be beneficial in our stressing work life has turned into a mission to bring this awareness to a broader audience. Business in Rhyme is my creative corner where I blog and teach about beautiful uses of poetry and poetic techniques for improving writing, personal growth and creativity. Do you want know more? You can sign up for a newsletter or visit this page to learn how can I support you in your writing journey.

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