For every poet who wants to get published

Silvia Plath

In times when we are all overloaded with information, coming from all sorts of media sources, it is hard to be noticed and keep someone’s interest. I think that this is the biggest problem that most writers struggle with, especially poets. It’s true, poetry always had its devoted fans, yet is less popular than other forms of art. As it is easy to start your own blog and publish your work, it is hard to get through among other writers and get published in literary journal or anthology. Not to mention earning from your own writings – some people think it equals science-fiction!

“Poetryhasvalue” is a fabulous resource for all aspiring poets as Jessica Piazza documents her journey on submitting her poems to paying literally journals. Getting to know her experiences can help you avoid certain pitfalls and direct you towards choosing the most appropriate journal according to your genre, writing style and of course, your goals. Is your goal to make a living from your writings or you are on the quest to gain more popularity and get people acquainted with your work? It will determine which literally journal and magazines suit you best. For more about the author of this project visit


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