20 thoughts on “Daily verse with purpose: Don Marquis

    1. Well, you know I used be a great fan of multitasking and even proud of my multitasking skills:) But eventually, quantity overpowers quality. I’d say it depends on the situation. In my case, I’have cleared my schedule in such manner that I can allow myself to do one thing at the time at my on pace and enjoy it. Once you simplify enough you don’t have to multitask:) Thanks Jimi for your comment 🙂

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      1. it sounds like you have done well at creating your own schedule at your own pace …. something i am still trying to achieve so i do respect you for that …. one of my favorite songs of all time is called “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd and i aim to make that one of my soundtrack songs to life …. thank you for taking the time to reply to my comment, i have found that not everybody does so thank you once again …. :O) Jimi

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      2. You are welcome! I did introduce a lot of changes in my life, starting 2 years ago – mainly due to health reasons. I cannot explain how simplifying and minimizing helped me: less pressure, less stress, less obligations, and I gain more freedom, more time, more health. It opened door for poetry in my life again and other things I forgot I liked or that I cared for..There is always something you can do to simplify – just be patient and persistent.

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      3. changes can be good especially when busting down doors with the feet of freedom at the bottom of your souls …. patience and persistence walk hand in hand along shorelines of simple incoming tides ….. and then the waves will be strong enough to surf upon with great vigor ….

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  1. Most research now suggests that multi tasking is nothing more than an 80s catch phrase used for employment and hiring purposes. It died a slow death and somewhat still lingering around but, most people recognise that they want someone with deeper singular focus to get the job done. Excellent read on the topic is 59 seconds by professor Richard Wiseman and The one thing by Gary Keller

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