Daily verse with purpose: Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury


15 thoughts on “Daily verse with purpose: Ray Bradbury

  1. I always have a pad by my side when I sleep, that’s now transformed to a phone app jotter too. Most days I prefer sleep in my desk chair, I’ve always disliked sleep. It’s those moments half awake and half asleep that I’ve always been most creative. When younger I learned that this is how Dali painted and I adapted it to myself. Dali would hold two spoons in a hand out stretched, just as the body begins to die off and the soul start travelling, the spoons would fall and he’d wake in full memory of what he just saw and then pain his surrealist masterpieces. Whilst I don’t use a spoon, I use discomfort. The worst thing you can do to your body as a human let alone an artist is get used to comfort. Comfort is stock feed for laziness. Laziness of body and mind

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    1. I totally agree – the more restrictions I have, the more resourceful I become. I’ve never been much of a sleeper either – as a kid I didn’t like to sleep because I thought I’ll miss something important :))) Now I’m most creative early in the morning while still sleepy, yet my mind is clear and fast.

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      1. You said it….. I still feel like I’m going to miss out on something. People who get 8 to 10 hours a day freak me out…. That’s 4-6 more than me…. 4 to 6 so much work can get done. Then people complaints about

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      2. Everybody has their own biorhythm – at the end what counts is how we are satisfied with our own productivity. And it’s true how people don’t realize they lose valuable time on frivolous things – like complaining for example 🙂

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