The poet view on climate change

We are fast approaching the end of December and here, in the Netherlands is one of the warmest winter months ever recorded – so global warming is becoming a “hot topic” in every possible sense! The video bellow points out to a bit different look at climate change. It’s fun and entertaining and I hope you’ll enjoy it is as much as I did 🙂


11 thoughts on “The poet view on climate change

  1. I actually was one of those very skeptics about this issue, I don´t know if it´s a global warming since I do know in some parts of the U.S there has been incredible snows at times where normally they shouldn´t but here in Spain we yet have to see rain, so now I´m pretty convince that something is going on, do humans play a part of it? I guess so, but I think it also has to be mixed with a climate cycle, it is true that throughout humanity there has been these drastic climate changes, even much worst than what we seen, with the Tsunamies, tornadoes in the U.S e. t.c. But yes, humans obviously do play a part in it, how big a part? That is my question

    1. You are absolutely right with your questions. I had the opportunity to work in this field for years and it’s true-climate has it’s own cycles. It’s also true that the concentrations of smog, heavy metals and appearance of acidic rain – everything that is artificially man-made and the result of heavy industry is not normal at this levels. Unfortunately we don’t have written evidence going far back enough that can witness how this cycles are normal. But we do know that nature doesn’t have that magic ability to ‘purify itself’ and all that junk and pollution has to go somewhere – mostly to our water, air and crops; not to mention the unpredictability of weather that we are facing. Anyhow I do believe that action need to be taken, beyond political manipulation and empty blah, blah. We are talking about basic needs: food, water, shelter and air.

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  2. Excellent video – thanks for posting! I think we can discuss/debate these issues but, as you say, action is needed. Check this video for a better way to farm naturally: as an example of how people have been ‘conned’ by larger corporations and how we can each take action in our own lives by the choices we make as to how we live (self-sustainable options). These will help ourselves, humanity and the planet and if enough of us start taking responsibility for ourselves, start providing as many of our basic needs as we can, it can change everything (we live simply, use gray water to grow vegetables in containers for example). The world’s population consists of individuals making choices in every moment we live as to how we are going to live. Time for us to take responsibility for these choices.

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