Daily verse with purpose: Horace


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8 thoughts on “Daily verse with purpose: Horace

    1. I do read Dave. The thing is I’m trying to read as much on the blog as I can. I also don’t think I’m too much competent to discuss someone else’s work – I never claimed to be an expert on writing or poetry and prose. I recognized the benefits of writing in my own life and that’s what I blog about. By liking your post or anybody else’s, it means I like it and that is my support expressed. If you would like some concrete remarks from me and more in depth – I’ll be glad to do that in future. 🙂

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      1. You are welcome. And you know what often happens? Sometimes I do take time to comment on someone’s work (and it is mostly what I liked in the post) and bloggers don’t even acknowledge your comment and never reply. This is a two way street – I try to reply on each comment on my blog, being that positive or negative. After all, what we all want here is more engagement and our words to be heard/read.

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