Daily verse with purpose: John Cage


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10 thoughts on “Daily verse with purpose: John Cage

    1. This quote can be interpreted in many ways and it was never intended to offend anyone. I personally, did find poetry (again) in my life once I started to discard things and activities I didn’t need. It’s true you can’t ‘eat’ poetry but for many it is a coping mechanism in most difficult times – like other forms of art as well. Our compassion, sympathy and support we can express in many ways, but it is also true that material things never brought happiness and I think that John Cage referred to that type of comfort that many of us do seek beyond material stuff and consumption madness.


      1. I disagree – I thin that material possession can bring happiness and that frther you are outlining a purelyAmerican rflexive argument that bear no resemblance to the truth and further this ia a boderless tome and as such it should be. Global, not niche. If you prefer I’ll unfollow – and if you knew anything about John Cage you would have said that “4 minutes of Silence” was his most famous work and seen the humor. But you didn’t. Bye.


      2. I’m sorry you feel that way, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I very well know John Cage’s work, but I do not share your sense of humor. For some that piece might be funny, but it actually tells more that some people are ready to understand. Also, I’m not trying here to sell any “American reflexive argument” – everything I write are my original thoughts coming from my own experience. I suggest you look at work of Marina Abramovic, Serbian famous performance artist and her take on how minimalism and silence interact and how they can enrich our lives.


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