Daily verse with purpose: Gustav Flaubert

Gustave Flaubert (1821-1880), écrivain français, par Nadar.

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8 thoughts on “Daily verse with purpose: Gustav Flaubert

    1. Hi Chevvy, thanks very much for this nomination – I am honored and thrilled in the same time. The thing is, I personally, here at WordPress don’t participate at any challenges or awards, since the main purpose of my blog is to inspire, support and guide through various forms of poetry and explores the benefits that poetry can have on our lives. You already know that on Business in Rhyme, there are daily quotes called “Daily verse with purpose” to give additional inspiration and boost creativity – and the enjoyment and creative inspiration that other readers and bloggers get from my blog in general is award enough for me, and a great challenge to continue further. Thanks again for your kind nomination, yet as you can see I do participate every day – in my own way 🙂 I hope you understand why I wouldn’t like to ‘dilute’ already established format of the blog.

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      1. Yes, I did think about that and I fully appreciate and understand. Nevertheless, I wanted to acknowledge your good work. Just keep doing what you do so well. Best. Chevvy.

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