Play with words (creativity exercise)


I’ve always been criticized by my family members and friends, that I’m at times childish and how everything I want to turn into a game. Well, in my opinion life can be dull enough and by adding some playfulness into it – is my way of getting a sun shine in my dark days: which of course doesn’t mean that I take life lightheartedly and that I’m not serious when situation requires. On the contrary! I just think that through gamification and playfulness we can learn with ease, soften the tension when some problems arise and is actually a great tool for brainstorming (about which I will write in some of my future posts).

But for today’s exercise let’s just play with words. I will suggest couple of ways  – you can add your own or alter this suggestions according to your preference. Below are written couple of words:

sky                               table                         spice                                  medicine

hope                             flesh                        doing                                 escape

inevitable                   immense                minuscule                       golden-brown

chew                            pull                           face                                   inhale

in between                 cryptic                      soft                                      people

Now these are random words I picked and we can use them in variety of ways in different brainstorming sessions.

Version 1:

You can circle and chose around 5 words from the list above and write your poem including those words. But here’s the catch: you also have to include 5 key words related to your project you are working on and incorporate them in the poem too. Now, don’t get bothered with the logic and form, just write your poem – no matter how silly it may sound: the purpose is to get your creativity pumping.

For example:

My words from the list: medicine, cryptic, inhale, flesh, chew.

My key words: business, entrepreneurship, art, creativity, purpose

This medicine is a cryptic business.

As I inhale stagnant air

I chew with purpose

while creativity floods my flesh;

I’m the captain of my entrepreneur-ship:

It’s an art and courage to sail alone

so far and deep.

This poem turned out to be quite funny, but this unexpected relation between unpairable verbs and nouns can spark unexpected views on problem and reveal hidden solutions. This poem, produced in the form of free writing, no matter how funny, does speak of courage and risks I need to take; that I’m in charge of the outcome and for me is quite empowering. Just let your inner being play – it already knows what you need.

Version 2:

Write three haikus or very short poems, using in each poem one noun and one adjective from the list above. Also include your own key words: Let’s say:


Immense sky  covered in blue.

A joy spread with purpose.


Minuscule face enters home.

Love, a life’s art.


Wind gives wings to golden-brown spice.

Split second of nature’s creativity.

If I would go in deep analysis of every and each of these sentences – what do they have in common (as how I interpret them ) is that I always first have to look at nature as it is the inexhaustible source of inspiration where I will find new ideas and solutions.

Version 3:

Take one key word and all the verbs in the list. Make a poem out if it.

I inhale and breath as my business goes so well!

With joy and smile I chew this small chocolate

as I pull this feeling deep inside, hoping never to escape.

Now this example turned almost into an affirmation and self-encouragement; being present in the moment; taking one step at the time and enjoying life’s little things.

This is fun and interesting way for us to stimulate our subconsciousness and it’s like having a conversation with our true self. Language and words are that wonderful tool (every time available to us) that can help us move from stagnant thoughts in the direction of creativity, inspiration and hope.

So what do you think, ready to play with words? 🙂



12 thoughts on “Play with words (creativity exercise)

  1. I put the first task to the test and apart from having fun with it, I think I figured out something I’ve been grappling with. I can see how this can work for creative mental exercise 🙂


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