Death as we know it

You decided to leave,

over the cliff of promise

where the verve takes calm.

Disintegrated I walk through your flesh.

Limbs linger in ambiguity:

Why and How?

I don’t have any questions.

As I drown in memories

I pretend cold marble stone is your chest.

I press my cheeks, needing to hear that heart beat,

you whisper in my ear:”I exist in you, that’s the moment I live”.


23 thoughts on “Death as we know it

  1. Beautiful and heartfelt. I hug my father’s marbled grave everytime I visit him, such an indescribably sad feeling. You’ve captured it so vividly. Thank you for reminding us of this kind of love that transcends life.

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    1. This poem I wrote a couple of months ago. It was inspired by the death of a father of my very good friend. He passed away suddenly and she didn’t even manage to be with him in his last moments since she was on the vacation. It was really heartbreaking seeing her suffer, because she was very closed to her father. But I also do believe that our dearests do live as long as we cherish our memories of them. And that’s something nobody can take from us.

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  2. That’s a really beautiful poem. At a time like this, your words have a way of finding beauty to comfort and uplift the mourner and the mourned. A paean to the soul. Better for the sharing of your words.

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