Let gratitude empower your creativity (exercise)


In almost any religion and culture we have heard of the importance of being grateful: to search for positive aspects in life instead of dwelling on what is wrong and how world is a bad place to live in. Our modern and fast paced environment has so much to offer: yet we  get trapped in to trivial and petty things instead of concentrating our attention on more important experiences. Those negative feelings that arise can literally block our creative energy, potential for problem solving and seizing the opportunities.

Gratitude can help us combat fear and anxiety. That feeling of appreciation opens the door for receiving even better things to flow into your life – like creativity. Experience of positive emotions and nurturing the state of well-being helps us engage in the  activities that encourage discovery and growth. Your observation improves; your relationship with the environment improves and you tackle problems from different angles.

Every problem comes with some sort of stress and crisis, but instead of wasting your precious energy on what you lack, you can learn from new situation and reinforce your ability to cultivate sense of inspiration.

Of course being content and grateful doesn’t mean neglecting the problem and looking at the world through pink glasses. It’s about finding self-confidence in every situation and feel liberated to explore the world as what it is.

Gratitude, like creativity, can be developed through practice.

Here are some ideas where to start:

  1. Read something inspirational at the start of your day;
  2. Imagine experiencing your good;
  3. Celebrate your small everyday victories;
  4. End your day with thinking of 3 things you are grateful for.

Poetry does have that restorative power and use it into your own advantage: as you might pour out those negative feelings in your poetry, try also to step back and write your poem about all good things in your life, that you love and care about. The more you write, the more things you will find you like about your life.

This beautiful sonnet by Alan Seeger offers a different perspective on our modern lives and stuffed cities, where we can see beauty and light in our ordinary surroundings.

Down the strait vistas where a city street
Fades in pale dust and vaporous distances,
Stained with far fumes the light grows less and less
And the sky reddens round the day’s retreat.
Now out of orient chambers, cool and sweet,
Like Nature’s pure lustration, Dusk comes down.
Now the lamps brighten and the quickening town
Rings with the trample of returning feet.
And Pleasure, risen from her own warm mould
Sunk all the drowsy and unloved daylight
In layers of odorous softness, Paphian girls
Cover with gauze, with satin, and with pearls,
Crown, and about her spangly vestments fold
The ermine of the empire of the Night.

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5 thoughts on “Let gratitude empower your creativity (exercise)

  1. Reblogged this on Write Through It and commented:
    I’m not usually inspired by “inspirational” writing, but this post about gratitude was exactly what I needed to read before I got down to writing this morning. Instead of beating myself up about how long it takes to write a novel and how maybe it’s a stupid thing to be doing, I’m grateful for the characters who want me to tell their story and the words that come to me just when I need them.

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