On the Beautiful Blue Danube

I could see the island from my window. During summer we used to go to swim and play there: At Lido beach. The alluvial plateau verved with life and deep, green bushes. In the middle of the island was a small lake where fish in love would go on a date at night; secluded from the city lights youngsters would play in my hands. As I would dig in the sand my little feet, with one eye I would count all 17 archaeopteryx species that I new and with other I would admire the Kalemegdan walls, standing proudly above the river bank. “The Beautiful Blue Danube”  did exist. You have to believe me!

No, it’s not like the story I used to tell about wired fences, birds with plastic wings and hatcheries of oil spill rings.

Maja S. Todorovic


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