5 ways you can reconnect with your own creativity


Being creative is not only doing, making stuff or problem solving. Creativity originates from our deepest desires and most sincere aspirations. For me personally, actual act of creating is an act of self-love. It might sound weird to some of you, but if you think more clearly it is true. Any creative expression is an expression of Self in given time and place. The more we show appreciation and kindness towards ourselves, the more creative we become.

Now, I’m not talking about vanity and pretentious, selfish self-love where you neglect and disrespect other people in order to fulfill some personal gains. I’m talking about just being gentle and kind in our thoughts and actions towards ourselves.

When you have problem to connect with your creative side, it’s like pushing away from us the part that needs the most attention; that needs to be understood and nurtured.

Personally when I’m experiencing something like this, usually there is some other underlying cause that distracts me and keeps me from having that intimate encounter with creativity.

There are few things you can do in order to reestablish that connection we all need:

1.Stop criticizing yourself and your work.

As I said, every creative work is a result of our self-expression in given moment and place. Just accept it like that. Once you approve of your own work, your positive changes can start to happen.

2. Stop comparing yourself to others.

You are unique and everything you do is unique. Don’t try to ‘fit in’.You don’t have to belong to any movement, style, group…just be yourself. Work on being better for your own sake, not to be approved by others.

3. Stop sabotaging yourself and start forgiving instead.

You made mistakes in the past. You could’ve done, planned, executed, written, painted, composed, sung, danced, calculated… better, but that’s in the past. You gave your best at the time, considering the understanding, awareness, knowledge that you had and the conditions you were in. Only by letting go we can allow fresh creativity to enter.

4. As you are kind to you mind, be kind to your body.

For long time I didn’t recognize the connection between the foods we eat and how we feel and create. Apparently there is a huge influence of what we are eating on how we are able to perform in any part of our lives. Learn more about your own body, what it needs to feel invigorated, vital and full of energy. Incorporate your favorite movements, walks, dance or exercise.

5. Don’t take everything too seriously.

Now, I’m not saying being reckless or irresponsible. But it’s important to have fun at least in some moments, because by being more joyful we become more open to new ideas, and opportunists.Creativity has that therapeutic quality and once we leave behind all ‘musts and shoulds’, it’s easier to approach our problem differently. And by looking at the world differently,  creativity finds its way towards us – when you least expect it.

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