NaPoWriMo day 12: Aurora alert (index poem)

Borealis bright,



encounter in between invisible lines

fragile in the morning with

glandular geomagnetic particle osmosis.

He likes rainbow, but

I, there is no I in threesome.

Journey to the fake space Odyssey during


Longitudinal or Latitudinal?


Nada! Usted comprendes nada!


Olive skin you get under:

  • pretty low frequencies
  • questioning everything
  • reasoning where it doesn’t belong
  • Solar flares attack

trying to satisfy stormy weather.


Ultrasound inspection just under my feet acquiring

velocity of the Northern lights:

We need to be there tonight to

X-ray previously charged love.

You and I, preforming the language of stars,

zip-locked by sparkling green stain in the sky.

Maja S. Todorovic


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  1. I love it too. Not a geophysicist but I have loved Omni magazine since a small girl and love learning about geomagnetic frequencies.

    Yo intiendo un poco. Olvidame mucho.

    Spanish is my favorite language besides English. Nice to meet you!

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