Would you like to support Business in Rhyme?

After many months of indecision, Business in Rhyme has got its Facebook page. I don’t want this Facebook page just to be a replica of what’s already written on the blog, but I truly believe that we can build community around this main topic – writing and poetry can enhance our creativity and contribute to our personal development. In that sense, I see also this page as a space where we can share some beautiful thoughts/poems and with joint forces spread the word about this idea.

You will have the opportunity to publish and popularize your work on the page (through interesting prompts and challenges), maybe inspired by some posts and topics on the blog, which will eventually contribute to better promotion of your poetry and writing and the idea itself.

So what do you think, are you in? 🙂

Here is the link www.facebook.com/businessinrhyme


31 thoughts on “Would you like to support Business in Rhyme?

  1. I’ve “liked”. I’ve got my own FB page (AlistairLaneWrites), but tbh I’ve not been sure how to use it, and don’t want to pay FB to promote posts. Following with interest 🙂

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