Results of NaPoWriMo experiment

The April month is over so is the napowrimo. I successfully went through, publishing every day a poem, along with all scheduled posts. Most of the poems were result of free-writing so I won’t go into the quality of writing, but there are other benefits that I noticed as a result of this frequent scheduled poetry scribble.

1.During the month I felt much more emotionally stable.

On a few occasions I had some difficult situations and even though I didn’t channel my stress through poetry, the actual act of writing was a great tool for me to divert my thoughts into something creative instead to rewind in my head something that is already in the past. It turned out to be a great mindfulness tool for me.

2. It made me productive in other areas as well.

When you do something you like, it really can fuel you with beautiful energy and gives you drive to get involved in other tasks. My working hours were joyes and filled with vigor to accomplish as much as I can.

3. I came up with ideas much easier.

Even though I didn’t use poetry as a brainstorming tool, I noticed I came up with new ideas with ease, without any struggle and doubt. It felt quite natural just to follow already ignited thoughts and that was the half of job done.

If you were participant in the NaPoWriMo, how that impacted your daily routine? Please share your experience and insights in the comments below.

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10 thoughts on “Results of NaPoWriMo experiment

  1. I wrote a poem for every day, although I didn’t write and complete one each day. It was a pleasant distraction some of the time, from other pressures, and other times I felt like I was under pressure to keep up with a daily post. I felt like some of my poetry was reflecting on similar ideas, although each time I tried to do something a little different, and say something a little different.

    I enjoy your writing and want to review your poems again although they come across my wordpress reader.

    30 Cheers for your NaPoWriMo work!


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    1. Thanks Deon for sharing your experience. I completely know what you mean. I also experienced days when I wasn’t satisfied with what I wrote but I published it anyway and at the end it did bring some satisfaction – staying committed. Thanks also for your encouragement and I will definitely write more poetry in future. 🙂

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  2. I did not participate but I did enjoy the poem a day idea. To me that’s a lot writing, especially because every poem was different. I think you did a wonderful job.

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  3. As you know I came across NaPoWriMo because of you…and like you I completed and posted a poem everyday, though mine not in the same class as yours, each of yours a distinct work of art. In fact the whole process made me realise I’m more of a free flow poetic prose than a poetic verse kind of writer. So I’ll post a poem now and then but now more likely to post much more flash fiction and short stories with a poetic lilt!

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