Raw, uncensored

The way I slept naked on the floor;

The way I hid myself from the sun;

The way I ate uncooked food with my bare hands;

The way I flossed my teeth three times a day;

The way I laughed at your stupid jokes;

The way I adored your razor-blade thin smile;

The way your huge hands held me around my waist

is the way I loved you.

And still do.

Maja S. Todorovic


29 thoughts on “Raw, uncensored

  1. Super!

    Make the Sun uncapitalised its the name of a low class (‘redtop’) newspaper……..lol!


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  2. Coincidence … I may not have noticed your use of semicolons earlier today or any day before but just a moment before reading ‘Raw, uncensored’ I was reading the ‘Airs and Graces’ section of ‘Eats, Shoots & Leaves’…strange how life works? Your poem works beautifully.

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