stiff and strong:

your claw plows my soft skin,

where red streams

follow the trails,

succumbing to tearful river,

as droplets gravitate towards the floor.


My eyes are riveted to the closed door.

I can always wear another skin, fur:

dress in feathers or thorny petals.

But how my scarred heart will

continue to beat,

in between these lungs

as it is like raw egg

smashed against the wall?


Maja S. Todorovic


12 thoughts on “Curled,

  1. Hi Maja! Just got in to see your post. Two things you may want to just edit in the poem.

    Plows needs to be ploughs. We don’t have the first as a word, unless its American and i don’t think it is…. The other is ‘a or the river’ ‘How will my…’etc then makes it a question, with the question mark at the end, or, it could be ‘My scarred heart, like raw egg, smashed against the wall.’ with no question mark works as well.

    Ill send you my thinking around it.

    Thanks for all your good wishes of late. I really appreciate them. Ruth Sent from my iPad


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    1. Hi Ruth! Thanks for so diligently reading my blog and poems. The word plow is written just as it should, as it is used in slang:

      I do appreciate your reminding that English is my second language, but I repeat, my poems are written just the way I like them – with all grammatical or other mistakes. Some are on purpose, some not. I don’t see any need in editing this particular poem.

      Talk to you soon!


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