Your name

Wears its own fame.

Starting with B.

I like how B blows out of my mouth.

Like a playful Boo!

child’s ambush from

a hidden corner


your surprise from behind,

hands eclipsing my eyes

and kiss in the neck,

wistful sighs.


R likes to roll on my tongue.

Wants to get out –

doesn’t want to get out.

Jumps, bounce of my teeth

and rolls like a train speeding its feet.


S likes to become shhhhh…

when I put my heavy, tired head on your

chest, nest.

All vowels and consonants

are disciplined solders, creating brigades of


always ready to march,

when desire knocks on the door of my mouth.

Hurrying deep south.

Maja S. Todorovic

Also published here.


10 thoughts on “Your name

  1. I enjoyed the letter play. You have a wonderful way with imagery.
    Thank you Maja.

    Here is one of my older letter plays 🙂

    Does Size Matter?

    it isn’t the size of your font, its how you use it.
    but bigger is better said the word to the letter.
    is that what you heard, said the letter to the word?

    So the letter emphatically stated that size is overrated and furthermore, word’s thoughts were outdated.

    I am the “P” in your peach, the “R” in your reach, but at least I can just “B” while you’re needy for each.

    I am one letter with my mind, one letter with my voice, I am the very foundation of your wordy choice.

    We all want more, but here is the test, none of us will get it until we learn to live with less.


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