Visualize with words (creativity exercise)


I like to call visualization : strategic thinking while having fun. When you read about principles of strategic thinking it might sound too managerial and business oriented, but it is actually a sort of visualization: where you tactfully visualize and plan your desired outcome. Once you develop the ability to relive in your mind what you would like to experience, you are somehow training and preparing your mind (and body)  to achieve  in matching that picture with your performance.

Often guided meditations and visualization exercises are tools with aim to awaken all of your senses and help you more easily and vividly imagine you succeeding in your goals.

But also your writing can help you in visualizing what you want. You know you read good book if writer is capable in his words to put you in the center of the story – where you have impression you are experiencing everything written.

So the next exercise I will propose will help you not only in your visualization, but also you are practicing your writing.

Exercise is very simple, yet effective:

Your task is to name three things, topics, projects – what ever you are working on (or would like to achieve) and describe them using words you never used before to describe them; how that accomplishment looks like, feels like. Try to be descriptive as much as you can, use your senses and be precise – write a poem about it.

Let’s give it a try:

  1. First word: writing

Leaving engraved deep trails, beyond all boundaries and false confinements. Soundless I’m heard above all mountains and below every ocean; materialized thoughts in the smell of graphite, focused desires in every beat of pen on paper, caught ideas with smiley face, released drama in every vowel.

Where and when I offer me to you.

2. Second word: coaching

In service, empowering,  alignment of what I am with fruitful response: where other side becomes glitter in its own eyes and smiles with confidence and determination, air is filled with blooming possibilities and every atom of my knowledge is transferred and received openly, crushing any doubt, inability and disbelief.

3. Third word: creativity

Every moment, every day is new and gives new beginning; different, weird and enjoyable – there’s nothing to be afraid, no reason to hide. It’s warm, exciting, giggly, live, sharp, focused and likes to dance and cuddle.

In the sea of everything existing, it’s the laughter that connects, inspires and teach: with every key stroke, plaudit nod and  receptive silence.

It’s making unbelievable desirable, silly sensible and complex simple, but truthful.

So this is my take on the exercise. Now it’s your turn. Do you use visualization in your work? Does it help you in your writing? Please share in the comments below.

And therefore, though thy name shall pass away,
   Even as a cloud that hath wept all its showers,
Yet as that cloud shall live again one day
   In the glad grass, and in the happy flowers,
So in thy thoughts, though clothed in sweeter rhymes,
Thy life shall bear its flowers in future times.
A Vision Of Poesy (an excerpt)
Henry Timrod

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10 thoughts on “Visualize with words (creativity exercise)

  1. This is good practice. When I find that my writing is too spare, not enough detail I tend to do something along these lines. I stop, I look at the scene/person/thing in my minds eye very closely. What does it feel like? Smell like? ect. Does wonders!


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  2. I really love this idea. It had never occurred to me to carry out an exercise like this using different words to describe the goals and activities I am working on. I think that is a very positive way to reflect upon your true feelings on the matter. I am going to do that for sure. It will be interesting to see the results. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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    1. You are welcome and I’m glad you liked it. I usually do my take on the exercise so people can get the feeling of what is it all about. Also in the right section of the blog you will find many other exercises that can help you in writing, creativity, gaining inspiration, productivity or just to get more clarity on what you are doing. I have a lot of similar content coming soon so stay tuned 🙂

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  3. I don’t write about something in poetry. The expression develops as the lines come down.

    These are good exercises for prose, though, and challenging. I’m backed up with other projects, but I will try to get to it when I can. Good skill-sharpener, and perhaps stories could develop from the words.


    1. I wouldn’t agree with you. Using poetic language in affirmative positive tone, can do wonders for uplifting creative mood. You become to feel better and experience better thoughts. Than your productivity rises and you can accomplish much more. Especially poetry is a wonderful tool, because poetic language has that healing power to instill confidence we need in creative work.

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      1. I didn’t understand that you were referring to poetry. I can put together an “about” poem, but I’d feel like I was back to doing hack work. I think a number of my poems deal with the words here, and not all my poems are dirges. Come to think of it, I will try an “about” poem but without hacking it out (writing like a maniac because it was due an hour before). Thanks for the reply, something to think about.

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