Bureau for unwanted things

You remember that boy in the 5th grade that pulled your hair and called you ‘Fatty Betty’?

We know all about it.


You know that ugly bracelet your parents gave you for your 21st  birthday and

how you wished it disappear?

Consider it done.


You know that fear of spiders that shows up from nowhere

each time you dust your room?

It’s gone!


Just lift your left arm, it won’t hurt…

This kind man in white coat will take care of everything, dear.


Maja S. Todorovic


6 thoughts on “Bureau for unwanted things

    1. You very well noticed this paradox: people are afraid to live, to feel so they indulge themselves in food, alcohol, drugs, just to get numbed and forget. But problems don’t go away. Some like to collect material things and if they don’t get what they like, again, they just want to run away…and it is sad that majority of people refuse to look at truth – many of them never get to really ‘live’.

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