Getting ready for night out

They say it’s much better to use ceramic knife.

It doesn’t oxidize vegetable meat.

She first rolled the beet over the flat counter – to let

the juices stir. Than cut it in half. She needed only

few drops for a blusher.


On the shelf in front of her, beside his favorite tea cup she found cinnamon.

Just a pinch of this spicy heat will act as a bronzer.

The index-finger on her right hand she gently dipped in the ashtray –

to give it a soft grayish glimmer to her eyelashes.


And the final touch – carmine: dripping souse of red, succulent melted cherries

she mixed with three tears of her own blood she harvested earlier

from her left thumb.

Now, who can resist kissing these pulsating lips?


As she was waiting for him to pick her up, in the last minute she adorned her

right hand with this piece of baked clay – perfectly matching her makeup.

Maja S. Todorovic


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