Who’s for cake and some sweet giveaway? :)

Apparently we have reached our first official anniversary. This week marks a year since Business in Rhyme has been launched and it has been a great experience.

happy birthday business in rhyme

With over 500 posts published, research, interesting articles, new friends…and poetry, it has become a real and inseparable part of my life. I know I haven’t  been very active on the blog lately, but there is a lot of work behind the scenes I’m doing. I’m thinking of getting blog more focused, mostly on creativity and writing oriented (which is where my inspiration is driving me) with more practical, action based advice. It’s also a great opportunity for me to learn, try new things and explore. Nevertheless, there is great content coming your way, I hope you’ll find enjoyable and useful.

As a reminder, here’s how it looked in the beginning:

How poetry can stimulate creativity?

Organize your own creativity workshop

3 lessons that writing haiku taught me about business

Aaaaand (do you hear drums too? :)) as a part of this celebration we’ll be having a small giveaway:

This book:accidental geniusAccidental Genius: Using Writing to Generate Your Best Ideas, Insight, and Content by Mark Levy, contains great tips on how to jump-start your writing and creativity. Full of practical prompts, entwined through personal experience of writer and his challenge to come up with new ideas can be yours: all you have to do is to fill in the form bellow (please give your full name and email address so we can contact you) and state in one sentence how this book can benefit you. One that I find most inspirational will be the lucky, new owner of this book, a ‘must have’ tool for any writer or creative. By signing up, you are automatically subscribed to our mailing list (you can opt any time) and in the August issue of the newsletter we will announce the winner (and if you are already subscribed to newsletter – don’t worry, you won’t be ‘double’ signed up 🙂 )

Thank you in advance for participating, for being part of this community, for reading my scribbles and giving me the opportunity to enjoy your work as well. It’s really precious and unforgettable.



18 thoughts on “Who’s for cake and some sweet giveaway? :)

  1. Happy anniversary and congratulations! (I tried submitting the above form twice, but to no avail. I simply received an “Ooops, this page cannot be found” message.) All the best to you w/blessings!

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  2. This is just brilliant and so inspirational!! I love how prominently you highlight the power of poetry and writing. Happy anniversary & CONGRATULATIONS 🙂

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