Poetry improves lives: a guest post by Dimple Singh

This is a guest post, a courtesy of a fellow poet Dimple Singh.

For many of us (like me) devotion to poetry started in high school a long with first teenage crushes – where poetry is seen as a vehicle for expressing and accepting those feelings. Here Dimple shares her story:

Poetry- The Dialect of Living Soul

Every human being faces a stage in his or her life when he or she fails to express his or her sentiments to the other person. Most of the times a person remains speechless to forbid giving irrelevant expressions. It is at that moment when a verse is used as a major tool to communicate with people. A poem is not only a collection of rhythmic words but it is also the dialect of a living soul. Where creatures fail to express themselves a poem reflects the depth of the authentic sentiments of an individual.

I’m one of those dedicated poets who attempts to bring out the profundity of any deliberation through my verses. I wrote my first masterpiece when I was ten years old child. Though I wrote it just casually, my work was applauded and well appreciated. It arose my self-assurance and I wrote more and more. Gradually it became one of my leisure pursuit. I used poetry not only as an instrument to convey myself but also to multiply the mirth of poetry in other people’s lives too. Instead of buying and gifting people expensive and branded presents I used to dedicate verses to my dear ones on their birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and many other special occasions. My rhymes were considered as the most precious offerings one would deliberately love to receive.

Many years passed by and as every year passed away my writing skills and curiosity and devotion towards poetry amplified.

The art of poetry made me a distinguishable person and today it’s not just a hobby but a major portion of my professional life. Poetry also assisted me to convey my amorous feelings to the person I love. When I was a sixteen years old teen I fell in love with one of my classmates. Most of the times I thought of letting him know what I felt for him but could not think of the best means to propose him. When all things appeared to fail I finally decided to express myself with a verse of mine. It was one of the most intricate but the best verse I think I ever wrote in my entire life since it was a direct link to my heart. I wrote the following verse for him:

Still and sinister hours of darkness,

With a faint flicker of optimism,

Walking by a forlorn lane,

Giddy slumber hauling me homewards.


Almost turned off from the sullen daylight,

I was about to leave when,

I was pulled by something imperceptible,

And within a fraction of second I lost my consciousness.


Further I went under hypnotism,

Shutting my eyes, to be lulled off to the charm,

Fantasy of the mesmerizing amour,

The perpetual lure of tenderness.

After tearing lots of writing I eventually wrote one and handed him over my writing the next day itself. I requested him to read it at home and reply as soon as possible. When I was at home I received a letter from a postman. When I opened it I was shaken by the words of the letter. He too replied with his self-written verse and this is how poetry played the role of cupid in my love life.

Hence, I consider poetry as the best device to disclose your inner-self and openly communicate to a huge mass of audience through your enchanting verses and spread awareness of those issues or happening that people fail to notice in their day to day lives.

Dimple Singh, is a student of Amity University, Noida. She is a second year undergraduate pursuing journalism. She is  keen and passionate writer and have a strong affinity towards creative writing, especially poetry. She believes in the strength of words and firmly want to make a difference in this world through her writings. You can find her at https://dimplebloomblog.wordpress.com

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4 thoughts on “Poetry improves lives: a guest post by Dimple Singh

  1. A nice post Dimple. Poetry was one of the first forms of structured communication and embedded in us from an early age. As you put so well, it can open our eyes to the day to day things we take for granted.


  2. A wonderful post. I think the key to great poetry is finding the right words. I know that sounds like a duh, but I think the right words are often hard to find. My novels are filled with (what I think) great passages, depths and innuendos, but they would not translate well into poetry. Your guest poet’s words sing. As do yours, Maja. It’s a skill continually honed, a thrill that never ends.

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