Poetic inspiration: Being understood


Not everyone has to “get” your writing.

It takes

(one approving nod,

one enticing smile,

one spark in those eyes)

to touch only one soul

and your story changes the world.

Maja S. Todorovic


33 thoughts on “Poetic inspiration: Being understood

  1. I very deeply agree with this. The way I see it is if 1 person appreciates it and enjoys anything I write, well, that’s a success because that means it has helped them escape if only for a bit.

    Writing is amazing! That being said, having someone with whom to share the writing with is a feeling on its own level! ^_^

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  2. Maja, this is my motto for blogging too. If my words inspire, comfort or help even one person to not feel alone in the world then facing my fear of sharing has been worth it. I love this post.

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  3. Heh, only the Creator God ‘gets’ me most times. And when I blog, honestly I don’t expect anyone to respond, but when they do it’s nice.

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  4. Yes! My greatest hope is that my words will find the eyes and heart(s) that recognize them and invite them in. Even if I never know about it, the mere thought that it might have happened delights and inspires me.

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