Poetic inspiration: Leave those trails, because…


Your writing is

a finger print

of your soul,

would you agree?

Maja S. Todorovic

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25 thoughts on “Poetic inspiration: Leave those trails, because…

    1. I agree, the statement I wrote is open to different interpretations.Writing is a recorded expression of your thoughts in time. As your fingerprint when you were three and when you are thirty differ in dimension so does your writing can change in terms of vocabulary, style, your beliefs and values may change as well , but here I’m talking about the essence, the pattern that is continually reveled in your writing. In my case, there is always my attitude of questioning everything, trying to see things through different perspectives, searching for answers, connecting unrelated things…In all of my writings, no matter what I’m writing there is subtle rebel against the mainstream, an ambiguity always open to different understanding – like the statement above. And that is the fingerprint of my writing – being that poetry or science, it is always present.And I do believe that we all in our writing, reveal those tiny parts of who we are 🙂

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  1. I would agree whole heartedly with this Maja. Your fingerprint is your true identity and different to anyone else. Any writing comes from who we are and our life experience. Even if it is fiction there is still an element of our heart and soul driving it.

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