It starts with a spot.

One tiny spot.

Soft and gentle,

red, transparent and liquidly

like a drip from a freshly

pressed strawberry juice.


The skin unveils the doors,

releases pressure

and suddenly I’m on the boat

the boat slightly gliding, swaying and my

head tilts to enjoy crimson landscape.

For a minute I think there is

a sunset, reflecting blushing chicks in the water.

Warmth tingles my eyes.


Finally I am wearing that red dress:

red dress made of pleats cascading over the stairs.

The stairs, neatly arranged blocks for kids

to jump, runΒ with their tiny feet,

to scatter red petals and

peals of spring radishes.


The dress grew with each waterfall

and the breath, the breath is a

variegated butterfly trapped in the glass jar.

Maja S. Todorovic


16 thoughts on “Variegated

  1. Reading your poem was a 3-D experience, as if I was there in all the scenes described..and it was all over me , the theme , the colour, the setting, the embroidery of it all on the canvas of words.. Beautiful..!

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