Poetic inspiration: You say, you lack idea…


for writing. Well, look

how many syllables I have spilled here.

Now, arrange them in your own order! 🙂

Maja S. Todorovic

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9 thoughts on “Poetic inspiration: You say, you lack idea…

  1. I attended a writing workshop with a published poet once, and she cut up one of her poems and had us put it back together – it was a great exercise I repeated with my English classes.

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  2. I recommend the cup up technique. Make your own poem, cut out the words, put them in a hat, bag, or beanie. Scramble the words, pull out the words or sentences one by one. Lay them on the table and you have an original poem right in front of you. 🙂 Cut ups are a cure for writers block. 🙂

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