Poetic inspiration: Why poetry?


Poetry articulates your hidden parts:

sensitive but beautiful,

vulnerable but brave.

Poetry reveals your long forgotten treasures

strengths to move you forward

intimacy to keep you warm.

Poetry heals your deeply buried scars

allowing you to travel far,

to new worlds, to moments ajar.

Maja S: Todorovic

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24 thoughts on “Poetic inspiration: Why poetry?

  1. Poetry is such a lovely thing to be a part of. I can’t help but not love it. For me it tells a story speech can’t express. Emotions, no one dares to speak. Would it be possible if you could check out my blog? It would mean a million. It revolves a lot around poetry, and I think people reading this should definitely click and see what I have to offer.

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  2. I guess I’m the new born babe in poetry. I recently discovered its thrills and surprisingly picked up a pen to write or rather my tab and guess what I was doing it. I actually wrote my first poem titled Want to be. You can read it on my blog and it has inspired me to write more. Thanks to WordPress. And thank you Maja for this brief but really important piece on poetry. I think it’s a sine qua non for those in love with poetry. I am surprised I am just discovering blogging and I’m loving every bit and moment of it. To tell the world how you feel. Kudos

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