The Japanese

have a wonderful tradition

of admiring to

something that isn’t perfect, called wabi-sabi

and it has become my mantra

each time I look at your scowling eyes,

two dark rampageous

hawks rearing

to feast on my insecurities,

my habit to kneel at your monstrous ego;

Your mouth, enraged volcano

throwing missiles of sharp, burning words

at my bowed, tired head:

wabi-sabi, wabi-sabi,

nobody’s perfect – you for

misuse of uncontrolled power

and me for unused, powerless control.

I’m yet to learn, we are equal – that’s

the perfection you blindly refuse to see.

Maja S. Todorovic

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24 thoughts on “Wabi-Sabi

  1. So well said. There is nothing so freeing as learning that we are all only human an one is not more important nor superior than another. I learned this recently and your words a beautiful reminder. Thanks for sharing.

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