Poetic inspiration: Instead of comparing, be daring!


A leaf never compares itself

to another leaf, but rather

enjoys his journey in the wind. So do you:

stop comparing yourself to other writers

and instead invest in yourself

in developing your skills

and enjoy the ride.

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18 thoughts on “Poetic inspiration: Instead of comparing, be daring!

  1. As I told someone yesterday when asked why I was an unconventional writer, why I couldn’t be like the other subtle writers, I said I was just honestly and realistically me; and how much fun I was having in the process. If I instead waste my time comparing myself with other writers, where then do I have time for being me? I read and appreciate their work, I even celebrate their success and wish them well, but I prefer to just do my thing and write as it flows. Thank you Maja

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      1. I agree Maja. We can sometimes be quick to label something good or bad, and that includes our own writing. As you say, a good role model or mentor can help to overcome this. I think a poem or a piece of writing is always – in progress 🙂

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  2. This is a great post and wonderful and inspirational advice. I so appreciate the positive motivational tips and info from you and DavyD!!! I am trying to stick with the attitude I expressed in my “I AM NOT A POET”. I am just a scribe for what the universe whispers to me so it helps me not be too hard on myself. It also helps me to listen, and look around.

    I loved your use of the leaves in your post and their enjoying their journey on the wind!! Check out my “The Wind Whispers” and let me know a professional’s perspective??

    Thanks for sharing this post – it is so helpful!


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