Here you are.
In between my thoughts,
juggling like an acrobat,
on a thin wire.

In between my thoughts,
hiding like a bat in the dark
corners of my mind.

In between my thoughts,
white dove
knocking on my window
carrying a message of love.

In between my thoughts,
I try not to think of you,
but you’ve become nimble.

Note: This poem was originally published here, in Redwolf Journal. Strangely enough, I accidentally discovered that my poem was published, since editors never notified me on the acceptance of my submission. With time I totally forgot about it and this is a good reminder for everyone – always make inquires about your submission process or application – as you might get positively surprised 🙂

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18 thoughts on “Nimble

  1. I really enjoyed this poem Maja. The cleverness is the different images each verse creates. It also brings to the mind the difficulty you can have trying to forget someone and the different ways they come back into your memory.

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  2. Just to let you – the email notification I received from two of your posts both clicked onto an ‘oops page not found’ message. They are : ‘How to blog a poem..’ + ‘3 ways poetry promotes health & wellbeing’. Thought you’d like to know.


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