How to become a highly efficient writer in 3 easy steps


What exactly is high efficiency? In broader sense, in my own interpretation being highly efficient is being able to accomplish all desired goals in defined time-frame with satisfying results. The most accomplished people in any industry are those who are highly efficient and for writers this is a very  ‘handy trait’ to acquire.

Many of us are not born as highly efficient and productive. But we can learn to improve our performance in any realm of life which can lead to more energy, focus, confidence, productivity and satisfaction – something that any writer desperately needs.

You want to be efficient not occasionally when ‘all pieces of your life fall in the right place in the right time’. You want that sustained confidence and ability to be at the top of all things, having your life and writing under control – not the other way round.

And the next few things I’m about to say here are nothing new to you. You probably heard them a lot of times before, but yet we do forget and slip of our writing wagon. So take my recommendations as a friendly reminder and a guidance to help you examine your life  habits and how that is impacting your writing.

Step 1: take care of your basic needs properly, so you have more time for writing.

You probably could see this one coming. I simply can’t stress enough how this is important. When your basic needs like eating, sleeping  and daily movement/exercise are fulfilled then your body and mind are prepared for any challenge. It’s a prerequisite to any productivity. Fueling your body with healthy whole foods will give you energy, strengthen your immune system and endurance you need in order to achieve what you want. This, paired with enough sleep and relaxation instead of indulging in useless TV program will give you clear mind and focus you need in order to write and jump over that writers block.

I know I named this post easy steps and all this might not be easy in the beginning, but in a way we need to unlearn our unhealthy habits; to start fresh with open mind, heart and faith that with little baby steps we can retrain ourselves  –  to cultivate better habits and allow ourselves become writers we want to be.

Step 2: set reasonably achievable writing goals.

This is where, in my opinion is one of the traps we often as writers fall in. Setting too much goals or goals that are defined in tight time-frames can sometimes play as a true motivator, but more often it produces more pressure which leads to additional stress and discontent. I know that some people can have high performance under pressure, but think about it: how will that actually impact your life in the long run?

I am unfaltering advocate of being true and clear with yourself: what are your priorities? Chose one or two things you really need/want to do and start from there. Doing everything, everywhere in the same time is not a sustainable efficiency.

Step 3: do it, write it – no excuses

We are, with our human nature a real champions when it comes to excuses – why not to do something. You lack time, energy, you are busy, you are hungry, you are too hot or too cold, sleepy or..whatever. If you notice some of these thoughts creeping to your mind, go back to steps one and two. There is all magic happening. Your next poem, story, manuscript or blog post is hiding right up there. When you conquer steps one and two, your productivity will improve, your desire to learn and acquire new skills, have fun and immerse yourself in creative outlets will naturally come back running to you.

Do you have any tips on writing productivity? Please share with us in the comments below.

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12 thoughts on “How to become a highly efficient writer in 3 easy steps

  1. A good post with some very useful tips Maja. I agree entirely with having a healthy regime to promote a healthy mind. When I speak to other writers their writers block is sometimes a product of being too tired and stressed and having the wrong nutrition and no exercise. One thing I would add to your list is discover and write what you are passionate about. This can help you to overcome the obstacles and blocks that may come your way.


    1. Thanks Davy. I do believe that passion and creativity can only thrive in healthy body and mind. At least in my case. I’m passionate about many things, but if I don’t have the energy to do anything – I’m not productive. The two are very interlinked would you say? 🙂

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  2. As in so much of life, stop thinking and just do it is always the best advice. As you say, ‘do it, write it – no excuses’.

    There’s a famous quote by someone, possible Goethe, along the lines of ‘boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.’

    I love that, and use it to get me started. Although genius has thus far eluded me!

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  3. I liked this post!

    For my blogging, I find that it’s really helpful to clear off clutter, to have water to drink, and to tuck away my cell phone. This is easy to do for everyone. Then I just write. I often create drafts, save them for several days, and then come back to finish them off. Works for me 🙂

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