NaPoWriMo: Day 7

Poetry prompt: Find a color contrast that appeals to you

For this exercise, let’s play with colors. Observing patterns and how colors interlay can help us train our focus and flexibility.

Look around you and find a pair of colors – any two colors will do. It could be just that you spotted yellow-green pattern on your blanket or the book near you have black-white cover. It doesn’t matter. Look in that contrast and then close your eyes. Write about what you ‘see’, what you feel. How does it appeal to you? Let it inspire your writing and focus on pictures coming to your mind.

New beginning

Those tender petals, pale pink
as they were suddenly kissed by the sun
and hugged by sin
they bend in my fingers and
cuddle the crevices of my hand

As they fade with the day
they fall on the ground in rose-like peachy puddles
feathers of outworn season,
announcing new, heavy coats of
fruitful and sweet deceit.

In contrast, there are soil-stained branches,
once in color of sand and cracked nut shell
that bleed with smile
and proudly wear scratches
of faithfully embossed
cat’s claws.

I’ll leave this innocent flower to silently
purr in my hand as haunting wind repeats:
don’t search for spring in outside reach,
spread your wings, with every breath there
is a new beginning.

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