NaPoWriMo: Day 9

Poetry prompt: react to given act

Remember Newton’s Third Law in physics? Every action has a reaction. That’s simply how Universe works. Thus, use the following statements to imagine a dramatic situation – express emotions, describe scenery, what each of your senses feel and try to write your story or poem. It’s a refreshing activity and your untamed imagination and power of visualization will move your creativity in a positive direction.

Example statements:

You woke up alone, hurt and wet on the sand beach. What happened to you?

You heard a noise on the stairs, behind the closed door.
What made that noise?

A smiling child runs into you. How do you react?

A crowd has gathered below your window. What do they want?

You are in an unknown country: nobody speaks your language, nobody understands you. How do you communicate?

This is a great way to initiate your writing. There are endless options of imaginative situations that can spur your words and keep writing going.


I liked the numbing sensation of the sand.
Anesthetized I looked at clouds, blue heavy formations
ready to pour silky rain. In the brushing strokes
drops persistently combed incoming waves,
but I didn’t care.

Melted with my surroundings I finally felt
the warmth of belonging. The ocean also didn’t care.
Just as the clouds didn’t. All they did, is their job.
To mix sand and shells in beautiful patterns and give
us unexpected showers. They just were and are.

I ran for days, until I came to this turquoise border,
everything saying to me ‘it’s enough, rest’.

The tide came and I wasn’t afraid of raising wall in front me.
It’s not another obstacle to jump over.

As water was filling gaps in between my fingers, I smiled
and let the ocean remember instead of me.

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