NaPoWriMo: Day 24

Poetry prompt: Let’s travel

Today, I will suggest some simple exercises that might help you move forward in right direction or bring clarity when it comes to problem solving.

First exercise: Time travel. That is one of the greatest desires of humans: time travel. As a kid and a great fan of Star trek series, whenever was happening something I didn’t like I would pretend I’m teleporting myself to different world and time. But looking at it from a scientific point of view, time as a parameter was invented by humans in order to give meaning to natural quality of impermanence. Eminent scientists, such as Stephen Hawking and Kip Thorne are allured with the possibility of time travel and continue to debate about it in their most recent works.

So why not play around with this notion by ourselves?

Imagine you were in a different time period, maybe 10, 100 or 500 years ago and how then would you deal with the problem? You don’t have your computer, phone, car or even electricity at your disposal, just met your basic needs. How would you approach your problem with fewer resources at hand? Or, you can go in future and imagine you have everything you need to achieve your creative goals, and more. In 10 years or 200 years ahead, how your situation would be different?

Second exercise: Space travel. Stage your situation in completely different geographical (or even planetary) location where conditions are completely opposite. Different climate, different culture and different societal values influence life: how that would impact your creativity, realization of your creative goals? It’s interesting where our imagination can take us and how that can raise some additional points of view – just thinking about the problem differently conditions new ideas to come forth. In this way, you are giving yourself opportunity to experience your creativity in an unexplored manner. You can write a poem about it, or a short story.

We faithfully plant a seed in the ground.

Eagerly we return to the park next year to same spot. Shy, greenish leaves

In height of shoe sol peak from dry soil.

It’s still there, 20 years after – an oak tree, alone but satisfied

With spread wooden arms towards the sky, stretching its spine, breaking

Making home for new feathery denizens.

That’s the moment we knew we are not lost:

crawl, walk or run – just go towards your own light.

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