NaPoWriMo: Day 26

Poetry prompt: Visualize with words

This exercise is very simple, yet effective:

Your task is to name three things, topics, projects – whatever you are working on (or would like to achieve) and describe them using words you never used before to describe them; how that accomplishment looks like, feels like. Try to be descriptive as much as you can, use your senses and be precise – write a poem about it.


‘No man is an island’, one poet said.

Yet I like to think of my life as an independent state.

I like my sovereignty, being my own boss,

making my own decisions.

As my flag proudly flaunts on the wind,

There are no borders or walls. It’s safe for you

To  cross on my side.



It used to be just a label. An exterior you need

To validate your worth. But you, an extension

Of everything breathing and living in this very moment,

You are all you need to be, you are light.



It’s not a feeling. It’s not knowledge. It’s a voice you

Neglect so often but it recognizes better than

your mum and dad,

brother and sister,

friend or colleague

What is best for you,

but you often shut that voice down.

Listen when it whispers, it has answers to all your questions.

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