Poetry and belief

or rather poetry of belief?

Many new questions and perspectives are swirling in my head as I’m starting my research. It’s interesting to note how our writing, especially that intimate and most delicate as poetry is, reveals so much about us – parts of us that we are mostly not aware of at all.

When I ask myselfΒ  ‘What do I believe’, my rational and scientific side has one answer. Hence, is poet someone who only seeks the truth or is he also a co-creative energy, someone who in the here and now as an expression ofΒ consciousness forms new identities, never permanent, forever changeable?

Do we need to believe in only factual things, or is it unseen, being perceptible enough to be accepted? Poetry is a wonderful medium for exploring such concepts, don’t you think?

How belief is reflected in your poetry and writing?

Let bring conversation back πŸ™‚


22 thoughts on “Poetry and belief

  1. A poet may write in jest (with his tongue in his cheek). If he does so, then determining his beliefs can be difficult. However, having said that, anyone who reads my poetry (on my blog and in book form) will, in all probability gain an insight as regards what I believe.

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  2. I think, sometimes I contradict myself, but eventually come to a conclusion at the end of my poem or prose. I do come aware and figure out what I truly feel and believe as I write something. Sometimes I learn something entirely new about myself. It’s a great way to reflect and release pent up thoughts.

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  3. Poetry is when I can say – sea is sky with fishes flying like birds in it. Music comes from silence, ends in silence and brings silence inside.

    It might not be factual or logically correct but felt in that way.

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    1. Hi, thank you very much for your comment and I totally agree with you.
      Would you like to be a part of research conducted by St Trinity University of Wales, where we explore connection poets have with a sky? I would provide you all necessary details, plus you would have an opportunity to feature your poetry on businessinrhyme πŸ™‚


  4. I find it very difficult to separate myself from my poetry. My poetry is an expression of who I am in that moment of time. Sometimes I don’t understand what it is I have said or revealed about myself until much later. But I hope that whatever I have been inspired to write is an expression of love.

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  5. These are very interesting questions Maja! Personally I write about the seen as well as the unseen without necessarily questioning it. The poems are about an experience and about what seems real in that moment. A belief may shine through without being mentioned and readers are free to interpret the poems in the context of their own map of the world.

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  6. I feel that my spiritual expression is channeled through my poetry and writing. I’ve found my goddess in words, rather than in churches. The answer to the question of purpose and meaning if found within the reactions and feedback of my readers. Great discussion question!

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