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maja_new17Maja is an educator and writer from Belgrade, currently living in the sunny Hague.

She holds a Phd in Organizational sciences, MSc and BSc in geophysics from Belgrade University. From her early professional life she has engaged in innovative thinking and applied it to different problem solving situations. That resulted in cooperation with MADU medical center where she worked on examination of physical properties of magnets, used as a healing tool and is one of the contributors to the patent development – MADU strip (www.madumagnet.com).

During her masters degree, Maja developed empirical model that differentiates natural from anthropocentric induced climate changes within the Belgrade area, Serbia.

For her PhD thesis Maja further developed model for adequate management of innovations, technologies and natural resources. Through her academic career, she also worked as a professor where she had the opportunity to explore and develop variety of arts-based learning tools for improving design thinking and organizational management, like Greenesignit! IOS application.

After many years, she switched her scientific pen for more creative expressions. With 3  books and 2 dissertations published, now she helps people find their writing voice and experience creativity through their own words.

She is very well  known for helping her students in projects like:

  • academic and assay writing
  • book proposal and development
  • course development
  • technical writing
  • expressive and reflective writing through poetry.

When she is not writing or busy with rhyme, she munches on the bowl of fruit and loves to do some yoga.

Business in Rhyme is her creative corner where she blogs and teaches about beautiful uses of poetry and poetic techniques for improving writing, personal growth and creativity.

To connect or simply say hi, you can find her also on her Linkedin profile.


291 thoughts on “About the author

  1. Very interesting blog. I am an exec and blogger trying to ignite the spark in others by exposing my own journey through poetry, reflection and images.

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  2. Losing days browsing your blog would be easy for me! I’m delighted you liked my post – thank you. I never considered myself a poet, but the way The Writers Staff nailed the entire story, albeit figuratively, astounds me. Verbosely yours, Roo

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  3. Thanks for your faithful visits. I take notice of all your likes. I am still not doing too good in the way of responding. Having a hard time with the few but amazing array of likes that I get? Don’t know how to keep up. I hope that the writings posted are benefiting your spirit. Please, don’t quit visiting even if you don’t hear from me. For it is not really about me, I hope that is understood. 🙂


      1. Well, it´s unique to see this marriage between poetry and “business”. I find it unique in an unexpected way myself, being a humanities person. But perhaps it shouldn´t be “unexpected” – there is a cool precedent in the US with one of the greatest US poets: Wallace Stevens. He was an insurance company president!

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      2. Yes, there are many poets who were executives and businessmans. I personally would like to see more arts in organizational learning and management. And I hope this blog will inspire people to incorporate that in their work 🙂


      3. How did you blend these two in your life and work? I came from a household of working class folks for whom education was rare and therefore very important and I gravitated to writing very early. But as so many of my friends tell me, “poetry don´t pay”! Alas! I wish I had more “marketable” skills or at least had trained for such.

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      4. Well I didn’t until recently. I was always work and science oriented when I experienced some health issues and my natural orientation towards poetry appeared (again). Writing poetry has helped me a lot and that’s when I started this blog – with intention to promote poetry in sense not only as an expression of art but as a tool for nurturing creativity, meditation, healing, ext. Here https://businessinrhyme.com/2016/01/16/being-multi-creative-a-curse-or-a-blessing-in-disguise/
        I wrote about it in detail 🙂


    1. Hi ModernModiste! You are welcome. Yes, I have published 3 books in area of environmental management but unfortunately they are only available in my native language (Serbian). So far, I haven’t published a book in English, but I’m preparing one:) and it will be related to poetry.

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      1. I don’t know, I hope by the end of the year – it’s a long process and I want to give to the world something really valuable. In the meantime you can enjoy the blog and subscribe to newsletter that you might find interesting also.


  4. Hi! Maja. Thank you for stopping by my new poem and liking it.

    I am now currently following your page.

    Sorry it took me this long to get to you. I’ve been heavily busy with new upcoming projects. I have noticed in my past works you’ve been stopping by and reading and liking. Thank you millions. 🙂

    I like your about me page. You and I have a lot in common with poetry, astrology, and I think that’s it. 🙂

    Looking forward to reading your work.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    ~Charlie Zero the Poet

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    1. Hi Charlie, nice to meet you! Yes, I’m quite regular follower of your posts, as I am a great fan of avant garde and surrealist poetry and you have quite distinctive style. Thanks for the follow and keep up with good work 🙂

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  5. My friend? Been a long time. Thanks again for your faithful visits. Reading the comments in your posts when I come to visit? I am learning much about you. Quite an interesting personality you are but? To me? It is not your fame that catches my heart. It’s your picture–it tells me you are beautiful not just in looks but also in heart. Your eyes & smile are a window to your heart! 🙂

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  6. Hi Maja, Thanks for visiting 🙂 It was especially strange as I was just looking at the profile’s of 2 friends on facebook, both named Maja when the notification came up. I think that’s… something.
    Anyway, pleasure to meet you!

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      1. I was in Belgrade just over a week ago, was in a hotel by the Danube, good weather and some lazy days watching the world go by, back in New zealand and back to work now 😦

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      2. That’s nice – I grew up by the Danube 🙂 Well, I’m glad you had a nice stay. I visited New Zealand about 16 years ago, I would love to see Wellington again and the coast – it is one of the best places in the world.


      3. I stayed in “New Belgrade” I actually really like the architecture. I may be one of the few? I regret that I saw only a little of the city. I blame sore feet from walking too far..
        The coast about Wellington is quite beautiful, I intend to move near there in the next few weeks…

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  7. Dear Maja,
    Thank you for stopping by and showing some love to Can I Take a Nap First? I’m not a very fluid poet — and your “like” is inspiring.

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  8. First, let me say I am glad you enjoyed my blog post today. I am often surprised to discover that readers frequently prefer the simple and non-thought provoking rather than posts which address the big issues of life and our current world. I would be very interested in being a guest blogger when you are looking for one. I also downloaded the journal list. Thank you. Juliana

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  9. Have been meaning to thank you for liking my scribbles – it is good to be reminded of why and how I write, whilst thinking a bit more about what I write. Some good prompts from your daily inspired quotes as well.

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