A lesson

I can touch you.

I can kiss you


I can scratch your face.


I can punch you in the stomach


I can swing you in my arms

like a little baby.

You won’t feel it.

You are not here.

Numbed, you drift, float.

Just pale flesh sits across me, trapped in a body

without attention, goal, motivation, idea

in temptation to give up.


I can see through you.

I see a desert, deserted of anything human.

Just yellow sand and auburn sky, in vast emptiness

that merge in distance

without horizon, just one dot where time and space collapse.


There are winds, your thoughts, constantly try to

build a new landscape, sand dunes, your new realities.

Still, nothing changes. The form might be different, the essence is the same.

You throw sand into my eyes to blur my vision, yet I manage to see.


I see through you.

I learned from you.

However we try,

we can be surrounded by thousand people and still be lonely.

And it hurts like hell.

Afterwards.. you are just stoned.


Maja S.. Todorovic