Mind mapping through poetry (creativity exercise)


Since our creativity can be unpredictable, often times we can find ourselves having that huge idea, but still not managing to record all details, write everything down without losing a bit of it.

So today, I want to to share with you my impressions about little tool I use regularly to brainstorm a problem, or a project idea that I have found to be quite helpful. It’s mind mapping – with a twist. Probably most of you are aware of this technique but as the old Latin proverb says, “Repetition is the mother of all knowledge.” Mind mapping can help you become more creative, train your visual thinking, memory, and solve problems more effectively.

The basic notion behind this technique is to visually capture, connect and sort out information, or even get a great amount of information under control in order to generate new and fresh ideas.

The process is quite simple:

  1. You put in the center (of your paper) your main idea.
  2. Around that idea, now write all other topics that relates to your idea, establishing new relations among main and side topics.
  3. It’s almost like forming a tree where each branch further drives you to generate more details and more connections.
  4. And now the twist: try to think of this map you are building like it is a poem.


Instead of dry listing topics and ideas, with the words and phrases you chose, give your map a rhythm, lyrical note. Use adjectives, describe emotions related to your idea, expectations, why is it important. Imagine you are writing a concrete poem for example.

In this manner, your project will become more vivid and real to you. You are actually mapping your visualization, through words giving your senses the chance to “live” everything in your mind. By “breathing” in that emotion with your words, positive energy, you become more eager to put everything in work and apply solutions you came up with. It’s fun and interesting way to brainstorm every time you need more clarity and focus.

Now, this technique can be used for writing actual poems, novels and books (great as a storytelling technique as well) , but it can help you even in your vacation planning and job search.

What do you think? Worth a try? Please share your thoughts in the comments, below.

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