It’s deeply rooted

small, bluish sinews branch into

letter M.

One side of the trunk is darker

due to Sun exposure, with amorph

golden-yellow spots.

As it breathes blood, exhales warmth

to feed small hill above its flesh.


It’s like a map, containing my life line

trimmed at several places.

It used to go all the way around the hill.

Bark is depleted, almost erased.

I cannot count to see how many rings of heart

have left me?

Humming bird’s song

echoes my soul

in the upcoming dawn.

Maja S. Todorovic


Death as we know it

You decided to leave,

over the cliff of promise

where the verve takes calm.

Disintegrated I walk through your flesh.

Limbs linger in ambiguity:

Why and How?

I don’t have any questions.

As I drown in memories

I pretend cold marble stone is your chest.

I press my cheeks, needing to hear that heart beat,

you whisper in my ear:”I exist in you, that’s the moment I live”.