NaPoWriMo day 21: An Intent

Why do I need to pretend?

You say: ”I’ve always had good intent!”

yet your eyes sparkle every time

I plead for your fragile approval?


I’m not who you expect me to be.

I can’t be something you need for you

to continue your life in peace.


I’m confused, I still search

to make that little girl inside me smile

run after rainbow and collect stars;

swing on the moon and walk

across the Sun;


jump over the mountains

and play charades with whales

in ocean fountains.


That little girl is so scared,

impaired by false assumptions

she need to take care of you

instead to accept:

“Here, within myself I belong to!”


And I can tell you

that little girl is very close to finding her truth

lying in between two smooth edges of tomorrow

where she’s conquering beautiful world’s burrow

and yesterday when you held her tight to comb her hair.


Who said life is fair?

Stop to fight, let her go.


Maja S. Todorovic


NaPoWriMo day 16: I wrote myself down

on this paper,


in this poem you are reading.

But I’m not in the words or letters:

I’m in the chuckle, right there,

in the left corner of your lips

as you are reading this;


I’m the silliness

which makes you want to turn your head

and forget everything previously said.


I wrote myself down

on this paper,

As I’m the poet without words and letters

armed only with parchment, ink and  silky feathers.

I’m just the messenger of an emotion

flying on the wings of his total devotion,

To let you see that life is

to be enjoyed, fully

it’s a precious gem, given to you

only meant for you

to shine purely.


Maja S. Todorovic