3 tips to recognize your authentic writing voice


Your writing has a color, sound, feel…just as your natural voice. It translates who you are and is your tool for communication. Making some effort into “crafting and fine tuning” your writing voice is worth your time and energy. It doesn’t matter are you a content developer, fiction writer or you blog just for a hobby, it is essential for you to find that uniqueness inside of you – express it and let it live.

There are some tricks you can employ and that can guide you towards your better writing – better you writing.

Some of the first things you need to ask yourself is who is reading your stuff? Who is your audience? When you are writing, try to imagine your ideal reader and write according to that feeling. What would your reader interest? What would make them smile? What would make them think deeper? What kind of value you can bring to your reader?

The next important thing is to pay attention to how do you feel while writing. Does it exhaust you or it invigorates you? Is it like something you MUST do or is something playful, enjoyable for you to do?

How honest and open are you while writing? Are you always finely wrapped in your security blanket or you explore topics and genre that are out of your comfort zone? That’s good. People can sense in your writing when you are open or you are playing on the safe side. It can be a huge motivation to make your writing worth attention and reading. Being you and being vulnerable is OK – people can more relate to you in such way. We all know that our stories are governed by our subconscious mind. We all have unresolved inner conflicts, doubts, insecurities. Give yourself permission to say things in your own way. You need to own your writing and don’t hide behind other people’s opinions and words. That’s being authentic and unique.

And finally, ask yourself is this something I would like to read? Your answer is the best guidance in which direction your writing is going.

Do you think you have found your authentic writing voice? Tell us about it in the comments.


26 thoughts on “3 tips to recognize your authentic writing voice

  1. Another excellent article…..much food for thought here. Perhaps should also remember that one is never entirely, fully aware of what one is saying/writing/articulating. The ‘Self’ can never ‘perceive’ itself objectively. 😉

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    1. This article was originally published couple of weeks ago. I repost it, because the next article is going to be about intentional writing and will tackle the topic you mentioned. Instead of just linking articles I thought that this is a good introduction into intentional and purposeful writing – which we can apply once we become more comfortable with our own style 🙂 Thanks for following my articles so diligently!


  2. I resonated with the bit about openness and honesty in writing, but it’s so difficult to do, especially if you have a kind of journalistic facility. It’s easy to make something sound slick. So much harder to let people in, to your real world. Easier to ‘spin’ reality than to have to face it yourself. I wrote a post about taking my elderly mother, who has dementia, for the same meal in the same café every Sunday, and the despair that made me feel. That one post – as soon as I had finished it I thought, this is the best I have done, this is my firs ‘real’ post, and subsequent likes and viewings confirmed it.

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    1. It’s not easy to expose yourself and your vulnerability, yet to people is easier to relate to that personal perspective, “human” part of the story. I think only by being open and true to ourselves we will attract right audience – as much as it is hard at the beginning.


    1. You already have it, it just might need some “fine tuning”. In my case was embracing that all I’ve been through has shaped my writing as well. Once you just let it go and stop thinking about it, the way how you write dramatically improves. I also filter a lot of information I’m consuming since it on the subtle level influences our way of thinking and communication. I hope these little tips help as well. 🙂

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