What would you like to read on “Business in Rhyme”?

This blog has been existing almost 6 months and it’s turning into a great community.But of course, no matter how much it gives me space to learn and share my experience – it’s not only about me. So here I created a simple poll that gives you the opportunity to vote which topic of your interest you would like to read more or know about more. You can add your own answers as well. Poetry will stay the central focus of the blog, but I’m interested to see your opinion in which direction this influence of poetry we can further explore.

We are soon approaching New Year and there are some additional novelties that will enrich Business in Rhyme and make it more interactive. I hope you’ll find them attractive as well.

For now, thanks for taking time to vote.



11 thoughts on “What would you like to read on “Business in Rhyme”?

      1. Well, I’ve been already writing about most of the topics. Just as people prefer creativity, I might incorporate more of creativity exercises (instead of monthly to go weekly), but anyway writing, entrepreneurship and leadership (seen through poetry) will still keep their place on the blog 🙂

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