What can you expect on “Business in Rhyme” in 2016

Probably most you remember that a couple of weeks ago I ran a poll about future topics you would like to see more featured on this blog.

Creativity, writing and entrepreneurship were the leading topics with the most votes, which is also in alignment with most read/liked posts in the past year. So here is what I intend to do:

  • once a week (at least) there will be a creativity exercise, mostly based on writing and poetry techniques – but not as a typical prompts but rather in more engaging ways;
  • there will be more posts exploring the possibility of how you can turn your writing and creativity into a viable business;
  • also I would like to go beyond the value of poetry for business, but how it can help us in different areas of life  – something like this post.

My general intention with this blog is to really make a space and a community where we can all share our experiences and also learn in an engaging and fun process – so there will be some other novelties as well (I don’t want to reveal everything at once 😉 )

I also want to thank you all for an amazing ongoing support for this blog and my recently published poetry – it simply makes this worth while and it’s an encouragement to make it even better and more resourceful.

Looking forward to get “busy in rhyme” with all of you here!



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