My poems

My poems are my ideas,

my dreams, my toys,

my stories, my…

the most beautiful.

You can’t destroy a poem.

It can be hidden somewhere in your head,

in little corner where likes to sleep,

until it decides to walk over your lips.

My poems are clouds where I sit and

watch birds fly and sing.

My poems are…

Maja S. Todorovic

*note: this is translation of a poem I wrote when I was 15. It’s been 25 years since then, and I still feel the same about poetry. Strange and beautiful in the same time.


40 thoughts on “My poems

  1. This is proof that your essence never changes. I love this. I managed to keep a book of my writings from about 40 years ago..(OMG)…I should pull them out and publish them here too…see if the essence is still the same..

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  2. My poems are wind-up toys. They have to be put together right or they won’t move. My poems are my endless delight in words and how they’re put together. My poems are the world within me and me in the world, and most of all my poems are me.

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  3. I just Can’t stop reading your blog !! The more I’m getting into it , the more I find it fascinating & interesting . You seem so true to your passion . Love your content . Every piece is worth cherishing ! Would u mind taking a minute to look into my blog ? Will be glad enough . Thanks

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  4. wonderful imagination & creation!!!!, especially for a 15 year old…At that age did u catch the flair of writing poems…Congrats Maja Hearty Congrats
    If u have few minutes to spare, it is my pleasure to invite u to go thro the bits of my musings…poems and memoirs…
    Once again my hearty appreciation for ur poem…

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    1. Thanks for the lovely comment. Unfortunately no, I stopped writing poems when I entered University – just began to write again 20 years late, but now I really do enjoy it and I hope it will become one of essential parts of my life. And of course I’m looking forward to reading some of your posts too 🙂


      1. I will be happy if u could read my poems and offer your comments. I do write poems in English, Hindi and in my mother tongue Malayalam, a language spoken by the people of Kerala State in South India

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